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What our courses cover?

Course Eligibility

Students holding tenth-standard or twelfth-standard degree with Minimum scores 50%, with basic spoken and written skills in English. Students should bring good potential and the urge to master communication skills, have a flair for languages. Zest for learning, desire to explore different skills, open to new experiences, flexibility, dedication and perseverance. The capacity to utilise their senses smell, taste, touch and hearing to greatest extent.

Age Eligibility

16 to 30 years

  • Certificate – 6 months

    Basic English: In today’s world a good command over the lingua-franca is a must! Communication/ Soft Skills and Personality Development would enable students to thrive in professional work- environment, fill the gaps created due to lack of visual input. Introduction to Computers & basic mobile & digital platform training will be provided.
    Yoga, Counseling sessions pertaining to visual disability issues, particularly late blindness would form an integral part of our training, thereby addressing the psychological aspect. Mobility training- basics: This training would enable students to navigate, orient themselves independently assuring their safety.
    Introduction to vivid industries & roles in Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Theatre workshops exclusively for visually impaired conducted by renowned artists would be a unique experience for our students. Music lessons focusing on guitar and piano.

  • Diploma – 1 year

    Our Diploma courses would equip students further with Advance computer skills covering Microsoft Office, Adobe and other relevant applications. Continuation of Personality Development: communication skills, advanced soft skills would be covered in depth.
    Introduction to Fragrance Raw Materials and their families along with Essential Oils & Aroma.
    Tele Sales & Marketing Product training would be provided.
    Mobility training- advanced: this training would refine movements, trailing and related skills crucial even to in-house mobility.
    Introduction to tea and coffee tasting: This course would acquaint students to the basics of this vast field, there by addressing their gustatory sense (sense of taste).
    German as a foreign language: Learn the language of poets and thinkers! Students would benefit from this course which exclusively prioritises audio-tactile perception (level A1, A2).
    Workshops/field trips/ industry visits: Through such visits students would gain deeper insights into pragmatic work-process. Enhancement of non- visual aesthetic perception and artistic awareness through sculpture workshops, painting course as well as advanced courses focusing on guitar, piano.

Student Enrolment

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